Since the beginning of 2009 both customers and manufacterers have reduced their stock and production-capacity.
Now that demand is picking up again the leadtimes are increasing rapidly.

This concerns the following productgroups in particular:

Film-capacitors (B32xxx/B81xxx)
Varistors (B72xxx)
SMD-chokes (B82xxx)

Here, the leadtimes have raised between 50 and 200%, so from 4 weeks to 8 and from 6 to even 24 weeks!

Attached an overview : increasing leadtimes

To make sure that when orders come the components are availabele too, we urge you to give us some sort of forecast in one way or an other.
This way we can allocate your demand both in our warehouse or at our suppliers.

Once the orderbooks are closed we will no longer be able to source extra components.

Of course we are willing and able to put together a plan with you.
Please contact us: that is what we are a distributor for!

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